Certificates and Qualification

Enterprise qualification

Mindoo, a leading manufacturer of high-quality solid wood flooring in China, has recently been awarded several new patents for its innovative flooring products and designs. The patents cover advancements in engineering, materials, and manufacturing processes that allow Mindoo to create solid hardwood floors with superior durability, stability, and environmental sustainability. By obtaining these patents, Mindoo has established intellectual property protection over its proprietary techniques for wood moisture control, precision milling, and finish treatments. The patent awards recognize Mindoo's committed investment in R&D and validate the company's expertise in developing solid wood flooring solutions with exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal. With its growing patent portfolio, Mindoo aims to maintain its competitive edge and meet the increasing demand for reliable and beautiful hardwood floors worldwide. The new patents further strengthen Mindoo's leadership position in the solid wood flooring industry.

  • BWF Certification

  • Patent Certificate of the shock pad

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

  • National leading enterprise in sports facilities industry quality

  • China Sporting Goods Industry Federation Membership Certificate