Sports Flooring


Mindoo offers premium sports floors to meet all athletic needs. Our badminton court flooring utilizes durable maple wood with an ideal grip and slide for quick starts, stops, and direction changes. Advanced impact absorption prevents injury while supporting aggressive play.
For basketball, our maple basketball sports court floors are specially finished to provide correct traction for pivoting, jumping, and hard cuts. Durability stands up even after repeated intense games.
Beyond court sports, Mindoo's vinyl and engineered wood floors suit high-traffic studios. Excellent cushioning and acoustic performance reduce strain during aerobics, yoga, dance, and more. Customized slide and grip suit specialized dance. You can choose Mindoo's oak dance floor
Trust Mindoo's floors to deliver safety, performance, and longevity whether for badminton, basketball, dance, general fitness training, or any athletic activity. Our specialized materials and finishes provide athletes with ideal footing across sports. Advanced impact absorption prevents injuries from aggressive play. And superior construction ensures durability under repeated use. Mindoo's sports floors help all athletes perform at their best.