Oak Wood Sports Flooring

Product Description

What is Oak Wood Sports Flooring

Oak Wood Sports Flooring, offered by Mindoo, is a high-quality flooring solution designed specifically for sports facilities. Made from premium oak wood, our sports flooring combines durability, aesthetics, and performance to create an optimal playing surface for various sports.

Materials and Manufacturing Process

Made from carefully selected oak wood, our sports flooring undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process. The raw materials are sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring the highest quality and environmental responsibility. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, resulting in precise cutting, fineness, and stability of each flooring piece.

Our Advantages

- Direct sourcing and processing of wood in our own factory, ensuring competitive pricing and quality control. - Extensive experience in sports flooring installation projects, catering to diverse requirements. - Reliable quality, certified and approved internationally. - Ability to supply a complete sports flooring system, tailored to customer specifications. - On-site installation services to ensure hassle-free implementation.

Technical Specifications

Our Oak Wood Sports Flooring is available in various dimensions and thicknesses. Please refer to the table below for detailed technical specifications.

1800mm x (60mm-130mm)20mm&22mmOak Wood

Design and Appearance

Our Solid Wood Oak Sports Flooring features a classic oak wood appearance, adding elegance and sophistication to any sports facility. The natural grains, textures, and colors of the wood enhance the aesthetic appeal while providing visual comfort to players and spectators. Customization options are available to meet specific design preferences.

Performance Features

- Excellent shock absorption and energy return, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing performance. - Optimal friction for quick movement and stability during sports activities. - Sound insulation properties, minimizing noise impact during intense training or competitions. - Resistance to wear, impact, and moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability. - Easy maintenance and cleaning, reducing maintenance costs and effort.

Quality Assurance

Mindoo is committed to delivering the highest quality floors. Our products undergo rigorous testing and meet international quality standards. We provide warranty coverage and support for any manufacturing defects or performance issues.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain the beauty and performance of your floors, regular cleaning is essential. Avoid excessive water and use recommended cleaning agents. Promptly address any spills or stains to prevent permanent damage. Follow our maintenance guidelines for optimal care and longevity.


Q: Can this product be installed in outdoor sports facilities?
A: No, it is designed for indoor use only. Q: Can I request a specific color for the flooring?
A: Yes, we offer customization options to cater to different color preferences. Q: What certifications do your products have?
A: It has obtained international certifications, ensuring quality and safety standards compliance. 

For more information or to discuss your Oak Wood Sports Flooring solution, please contact Mindoo at sales@mindoofloor.com. We are your trusted manufacturer and supplier.