Hardwood Flooring


Mindoo brings the beauty and quality of real hardwood floors to any home or commercial space. We offer premium hardwood flooring to suit styles from traditional to modern. Our extensive wood flooring range includes top species like maple, oak, beech, and more.
Our maple hardwood flooring options feature the distinctive grain and warmth of maple. From natural to stained coloring, our maple floors bring vibrance and elegance. All our maple floors highlight the wood's inherent strength and longevity too. We use only the highest grades of maple to ensure enduring beauty and stability.
Prized for its smooth grain, beech wood lends any room a polished, timeless aesthetic. Our beech wood flooring utilizes superior moisture resistance and durability as well for long-lasting good looks.
Oak's signature grain and knots infuse spaces with cozy, welcoming charm. Our oak hardwood flooring withstands heavy traffic beautifully thanks to oak's unparalleled density and hardness. We construct our oak floors to highlight the wood's strength for lasting quality and character.
No matter your need, Mindoo has the ideal hardwood flooring. With multiple wood species, colors, styles and finishes, our hardwood floors create stunning interiors built to endure.