Flooring Accessories


Mindoo supplies flooring professionals a complete range of installation components to finish jobs with quality and ease. From subfloors to underlays to transitions, our flooring accessories promote professional looking, long-lasting flooring projects.
We offer premium pine and plywood sleepers for constructing even, moisture-protected subfloors over concrete and joists. Our wood sleepers meet stringent dimensional tolerances for flat and level bases that prevent uneven floors. Sleeper options suit wet room needs by lifting floors away from moisture.
For smooth, quiet floors, Mindoo provides high-performing underlayments and pads. Choices like resilient rubber pads effectively reduce sound transmission through floors. Self-leveling underlays can smooth over uneven concrete preceding floor installs. And acoustic underlays buffer impact noise. With varying density, thickness and compression levels, our underlayment suits every application. We welcome the opportunity to discuss purchasing flooring accessories for your needs.